About Me

My name is Chandler, and I like to code. Ever since I was 8 or 9, I was fascinated by computers and coding. My first venture into coding was a Lego Mindstorms robot. It was graphical, but it was an algorithm of sorts. My first “real” coding was in Ruby, which while I can still code in, was quickly replaced by Python. Since then, Python has been my go-to for most of my projects and for any sort of quick prototypes I want to develop. I also have used C/C++ and NodeJS, the HTML5 Stack, and wrote a Discord bot in Golang. For most of 2019 and the first month of 2020, I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at a division of SealedAir in Northeast Ohio, and it solidified my dream of coding as a full-time job, as well as teaching me a lot about both the field and working for a real company. Currently I am working on Pillar part time while finishing my Computer Science degree at The University of Akron.

Questions? Just ask!

I recently started a GitHub Discussions page on my GitHub README. Ask my about past experience, my IDE preferences, my opinion on various programming languages (Spoiler: Python is my favorite!) or anything else you’d like. Find it here!

My Big Projects

I started the WinGuake project, which is supposed to be a port of the Guake Linux terminal for Windows (I haven’t been developing on it as much recently due to time constraints, but help would be appreciated and would go toward development!). Recently I have been working heavily on two projects, one that I will release open source in time, and one that has been used by over 100,000 unique users on Discord, that being Discord-Quick-Meme.

My other hobby is 3D printing, which you can find all of my designs for here. I will also be publishing the STEP files to GitHub in the near future.

Finally, I like to write occasionally on my blog. This blog is about any of my projects I think I should write about, random tutorials I feel like writing, and any other random tech topic I want to write about. For your support, I’ll put your name on my Sponsors Page!


GitHub Stats

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Other Fun Stuff

I also occasionally participate in a cosplay group, called The Outsiders. Currently, my main two cosplays are Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Superman. Here are some pictures for the curious.

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If you like any of my work, consider a donation! It will help me continue my hobbies and subsidize cost for them.

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